Proudly serving communities since 1991, Marinex Construction, Inc. offers services to develop and maintain transportation channels and restores and rehabilitates shorelines giving communities throughout the southeast the resources they need to grow and thrive both economically and environmentally.

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Harbor Deepening and Improvements

Among the greatest of state assets, harbors and ports are of vital economic importance for coastal communities. The ability of larger ships to traverse waterways without tidal restriction allows ports to remain competitive and allows states to reap the rewards of significant long-term volume growth.

Shoreline Protection, Beach Renourishment and Dune Restoration

Healthy shorelines and beaches protect people and property and they are important to our way of life. As forces of nature and human activities cause our shorelines to shift, beach nourishment and renovation ensures we can still enjoy our nation’s coastline.

Maintaining Rivers and Channels

Flooding, bank erosion and natural channel changes make river and channel maintenance dredging necessary for waterways to maintain a safe depth and provide secure passage of boats and ships.

Environmental Restoration

Environmental restoration with the close cooperation of local governments and land owners results in hundreds of acres of new or rehabilitated land.

Containment Area Management

Material dredged from waterways is placed and monitored in carefully engineered containment areas while considering placement opportunities.

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